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Angel Politics

Clinton and Merkel -

RELIGION - The oldest scam in the (Good) Book.

RANGEL (D-NEW YORK) - The latest in a line of corrupt career Congressmen, Charlie's new job will be the poster child for term limits.

TRIFLING TAX CHEAT - You go to jail for tax evasion, he doesn't.

MEMBERSHIP - Has it's privileges. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel - Taxes optional.

liberals are so stupid, they're self destructive -

rangel -

SENILITY - Maya Angelou claims Obama has done an amazing job, kept his campaign promises, and made life better for African Americans.

PEAS IN A POD - Because nothing says "The hell with Justice" than being the POTUS's sockupppet

VOTER FRAUD - How do you like me now?

SOMETIMES... - ...it pays to be Charlie Rangel.

LET'S SEE, CHEAT ON MY TAXES... - Yup, I can scratch that off one my 'To-Do' list.



VOTE CAREFULLY - Every time you vote for a Democrat, an angel has to listen to Wings


POTUS IS A CHRISTIAN - dontcha just love the MSM subliminal use of photography to sell their kool aid?

EVANGELICALS - Because Obama "opposes the Bible," you'll gladly support a non-Christian cultist? Damn, talk about your desperation.

Buyers remorse, Obama style -

Angela Merkel -

Eurobia -

This Presidential moment was brought to you by... -

Angela Merkel Jihadist -

Hillary And Angela Merkel -

Angela Merkel And The Destruction Of Europe -

George Clooney - Secretary of State? -

Repugnant Rangel -

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A decent career, heavily tax by liberals war on the middle class